Disclaimer: Please consult with crystal healing specialist before using your mala for healing sessions. Also it should be understood, that description of the healing properties of the stones used in our malas, as well as information relating to mentioned medical and health conditions is given for informational purposes only. It is no substitute for consulting a health care professional. Please see your health care professional if you have any health concerns or before starting any alternative treatments.




Obsidian is a glass-like black volcanic rock famous for its strong protective and powerful cleansing properties. It acts like a shield against negative energy, anger and fear. Unlike agates and many other root chakra stones that reveal their properties slowly and gradually, black obsidian acts fast and with great power. For this reason it was often used in ancient times in amulets and necklaces.

Wearing black obsidian helps one to overcome weaknesses, fears, energy blockages and destructive tendencies. This stone is usually recommended for highly sensitive people and those having a stressful or dangerous job.

Black obsidian is a grounding stone. It stimulates growth on all levels, relieves tensions, confusions, clears one’s mind . It gives one emotional and physical strength, promotes compassion and helps at times of both mental distress and physical health challenges.

On physical level this stone works as detoxifying remedy and also reduces pain of arthritis, joint problems and injuries. It increases the blood circulation and warms the hands and feet.

Overall, black obsidian works great at all levels of physical, mental and emotional protection. It gives its wearer feeling of safety, confidence and peace. In the West black color is often associated with something negative or sad, but from the crystal healing perspective it is a very positive color that shields from various types of harm. Use black obsidian mala as your protective amulet, take it with you while you travel or keep it by your front door to boost protective energy at home.




Blackstone is the common name for smooth and glossy black jasper. For centuries this stone has been believed to be a very protective talisman. It’s one of the few very strong grounding and protective stones that protects its wearer from any physical, emotional and mental harm and assists in a situation of physical or verbal conflict. It empowers physical and mental efforts, shields against curses, threats, and danger in high risk occupations. When polished, black jasper helps to reveal what is hidden and helps its wearer to prevent negative situations.

Being strong grounding stone, black jasper helps to relieve pain and is known for heeling feet and hip problem, protecting against bacterial and viral infection.




Blue spot stone is blue jasper with dark and white patches of veining. This stone is known to calm the mind, bring peace and tranquility through helping one to understand one’s spiritual nature. It creates calm atmosphere around its wearer, helps to avoid conflicts and aggressive responses in provocative situations. This gemstone is linked to nobility of spirit as it encourages truthfulness, courage to speak against injustice in order to protect vulnerable. For this reason blue spot stone is often called a ‘stone of hope’. It’s a perfect anti-stress stone for those in charge of others’ well-being. It protects from risk to be involved in unwise behavior and dangerous situations. Blue spot stone mala is a great gift for teenagers and those you want to protect from getting in trouble. It makes perfect talisman for lawyers, investigators, judges, police, firefighters, doctors, volunteers and everyone working for well-being of others.




Carnelian is a variety of Chalcedony, a mineral of the Quartz family. Its color may vary from pale orange to deep orange-brown hue. It is a stone of courage, motivation, optimism, empowerment and leadership. For its vibrant joyful color, in ancient times carnelian was believed to have enormous healing and magical powers. It was worn by master architects in Ancient Egypt and alchemist of the Middle Ages.

Carnelian promotes idealism, sense of community and braveness. It helps to restore vitality, motivation and gives energy for new pursuits. It removes negative thoughts, depression, anger and all types of anxieties. Carnelian improves energy flow from body to the mind and from mind to the body. It gives feeling of independence, enthusiasm and promotes positive life choices. It is a crystal of action that helps to overcome procrastination and indecision and gives inner energy to embrace changes and new opportunities. It also enhances love.

As a healing crystal, carnelian stimulates metabolism, increases fertility and improves blood circulation. It helps to reduce varicose veins, skin irritation, heals nosebleeds. It is a great cleansing stone for those recovering from drug addiction as it is a detoxifying stone that gives mental strength at the same time.

Carnelian is a stone of good luck, success and healthy pragmatism. It helps to avoid unrealistic expectations and gives one determination. Carnelian mala would make a great talisman for builders and architects (as it is also protects those working with tools), athletes and military personnel, journalists and salespersons. Interestingly, carnelian is also called a “singer’s stone” as it clarifies voice and promotes confidence for performance on stage or in live media.

Carnelian mala kept at home is also believed to guard from theft, fire, storm and accidents.




Gray agate harmonizes energy flows and gives strength to overcome difficulties. It’s a grounding stone that gives one emotional, physical and intellectual balance, and it’s very useful for any kind of emotional trauma as it’s believed to reduce negativity and create emotional stability.  Gray agate assists in accepting one’s own self and building self-confidence. It improves concentration, perception, analytic abilities, and helps to find practical solution to the problem. Gray agate overcomes negativity in relationship, heals inner anger, and gives courage to start again. This stone creates a sense of safety, security and inner stability, helps to relieve stress and gives peace of mind. Gray agate opens up slowly, that means more you wear it, more and more amazing healing and protective qualities it reveals. For this reason it was widely used in ancient times as a talisman that gives not just good luck to its wearer but protection that is personally adjusted. This beautiful gemstone helps one to see beauty in everything, and it’s a beautiful gem itself. Unfortunately, dyes are often used to enhance the light-gray color of this stone. Rajni Jewels uses only natural, un-dyed gray agate from trusted suppliers in our malas to make sure you’ll benefit from amazing properties of this wonderful gemstone.




Green jasper with white patches, also known as green spot stone is a powerful gemstone that has been praised since ancient times for its amazing properties. It’s mentioned in ancient legends as a ‘rain-bringer’ as it is associated with nourishment, fertility, good health and prosperity.  This stone is particularly attuned to Anahata, the heart chakra, and helps to regulate our relationship with loved ones, with people in general, with the world, and distinguish what to embrace and what to resist. It helps to recognize spiritual wisdom and sacredness of life, see beauty in small everyday wonders, connect to the planet and achieve harmony with the world. It protects from negative thoughts, evil eye and ghosts.

Green jasper is especially famous for helping one to deal with obsessive tendencies and fears, helps to get rid of ill attachment, abusive relationship, obsessions, addictions, etc. It gives emotional strength to overcome delusion, restores inner calm, supports self-control and self-confidence, and due to its steady vibration helps to avoid extremes. It’s a ‘healthy relationship’ stone. Green jasper mala is a great talisman for those who try to quit smoking, drinking, or make effort to diet and keep certain healthy or spiritual routine. It helps to recognize wrong behavior, irrational decisions and patterns, let go, start over, and move forward.

Healing properties of green spot stone are highly useful for treating disorders of digestive system, chest, lungs, kidneys, spleen, bladder, and liver. It helps to reduce inflammation and toxicity and prevent colds, bronchitis, coughs, and flu. It is also beneficial for proper blood flow. There is a record showing that green jasper was used by the ancient civilizations to return one a sense of smell.

As green jasper is also considered to be a stone of fertility, it’s worn by pregnant women and those trying to conceive, it assists in healthy pregnancy and childbirth.

Another famous property of green jasper is its ability to regulate sleep. Green spot stone mala is a perfect gift for those suffering sleep disorders, insomnia, nightmares. For this reason it’s also often referred to as a ‘sleep stone’. It restores harmony of mind and emotions.

Green jasper helps to avoid inappropriate response to everyday external factors, to understand one’s own needs and emotions clearly. It makes a great talisman for those getting engaged, married, beginning a new relationship, or trying to improve the existing one.




Howlite attunes to the crown chakra, and it is a very calming stone. Spiritually, it is a stone of awareness, and it helps its wearer to receive Divine wisdom and connect to the Divine during meditation. It helps one to become more open-minded and it purifies one’s consciousness and aura. It reduces stress, anxiety, and tensions. It encourages emotional expression while eliminating negative emotions. It protects from overreactions, calms the mind, and helps to feel restful after sleep.

Howlite strengthens positive character traits, encourages desirable personal qualities and removes selfishness, greed, anger and other negative impulses. It helps to develop tolerance, patience, positive outlook on life, compassion, and kindness. It decreases over-critical mind, helps to prevent offensive behavior, and is quite helpful for those who tend to procrastinate.

On a physical plane, it relieves insomnia, balances calcium level and strengthens teeth and bones. It is said to accelerate metabolism and heal various skin condition. It purifies the blood, reduces muscles pain, regenerate bodily tissues. It also eliminates pain caused by the stress.

Howlite helps to approach chaotic situations with tranquility, reduces conflicts, and improves respectful communication. It helps to formulate one’s ambitions and achieve with respect to others. It also stimulates desire for knowledge. Howlite is also associated with creativity, inspiration and artistic expression.




Lapiz lazuli is a deep-blue semi-precious stone praised since antiquity for its intense color. It activates creativity and intellectual ability, enhances memory, desire for truth, wisdom, and knowledge. It brings honesty, understanding, harmony and fidelity in relationship, appreciation, recognition and success at work. It encourages self-expression, dignity, motivation, spiritual growth. It represents the universal truth, allows peace, serenity, compassion, and expands awareness.

This stone activates brow and throat chakras. It gives clearness of mind, helps to understand complicated situations in order to find the right solution, and opens opportunities for new ideas and projects. Lapis lazuli assists with communication, education, expression of our thoughts and emotions. It helps to block physical problems that arise from external negative energy by sending the negative flows back to their source. It is also a perfect filter to protect from harmful electromagnetic radiation.

Healing properties of lapis lazuli are truly amazing. This stone is beneficial for the throat, endocrine system, thyroid glands, vision. It enhances blood circulation and improves cardiac rhythm, and lowers blood pressure. It also relieves general pain and inflammation, headache, depression, and aids with nervous system and insomnia. Lapis is also beneficial for women suffering from menstrual irregularities, cramps and stiffness.

This stone helps to focus on charity, selflessness, and service to others. During meditation on lapis lazuli mala one can also recover memories of past lives and relief causeless anxiety.

Lapis lazuli mala will make a perfect talisman for lawyers, journalists, psychologists, executives, inventors, scientists, and writers as it improves communication skills, helps to distinguish truth from lie, enhances ability for education, memorizations, writing and investigation.

Traditionally, it is a stone of royalty, intellectual elite, and priests.




Leopardskin, or jaguar stone is a type of jasper with brown and orange glassy inclusions. It is a shamanic stone that helps to get in touch with one’s inner self and assist on the path of self-realization and spiritual discovery. Leopardskin stone attracts positive energies and helps to overcome traumas and negative experiences. It gives one inner strength and confidence. It is also a very powerful protective stone.

As other japsers, leopardskin stone is associated with strength and vitality, brings stability and protection from chaotic energies. It attracts harmonious vibrations, helps to set priorities within real needs, not unnecessary desires. It also promotes good relationship with those people we communicate for business, projects and personal growth.

On physical level leopardskin mala is a very important instrument in a crystal healer’s medical bag. It is often used in situations of chronic conditions.

Jaguar stone is also called the “supreme nurturer”. It supports one in times of stress, gives feeling of tranquility and wholeness. It also reminds its wearer to help others, and attracts help in return when needed.




As all other kinds of agate, moss agate reveals its powers slowly and gradually, increasing its intensity with the time. It is considered to be a stone of wealth. Moss agate mala will make a great talisman for those who own a small business or are self-employed, as well as for those working for financial institutions or dealing with financial paperwork. Keep moss agate mala near or wear it when you work on your bank papers, tax returns, etc.

This stone also symbolizes the new beginning and fertility. It has been referred to as a stone of agriculture and growth for centuries. Moss agate is also called a “birthing crystal” as it may help to reduce pain and assist in delivery. Moss mala will make a great talisman for midwives or an ob-gyn.

Moss agate is known for giving bodily strength in times of stress. It helps one to find stability when recovering from illness or addiction. It also enhances mental concentration and persistence, and aids in physical therapy and exercise.

Moss agate is a great cleansing crystal that helps one to purify personal energy systems as well as environment around. It may help to reduce sensitivity to the weather and prevent unhealthy sensitivity to food and smells. Moss agate mala will be a great gift for chefs, cooks and bakers, as well as those dealing with food allergies.

Wearing moss agate mala may be especially beneficial for those who experience extreme mood swings and emotional drama. This stone promotes inner calm and wholeness, helps to release deep fears and worries. It is often referred to as an “optimistic stone” – it helps to overcome difficult life circumstances and depression, encourages hope and trust, and inspires to keep trying.

Moss agate symbolizes a growth force, development, creation and constant renewal. It is very protective and also provides safety in travels (especially in dark green hue).

On physical level it helps to balance senses and neuronal activity, improves concentration, perception, analytical abilities. Moss agate is a powerful anti-inflammatory stone that boosts immune system and helps to prevent infections, cold, and flu. It helps to regulate pulse and heartbeat, heals emotional disharmony and helps to eliminate toxins from the body.

Being a stone of health and strength, moss agate was used by ancient warriors for protection. It is an amulet that guards from various types of danger, mostly because this stone connects its wearer to the environment and the elements by balancing the inner and external energies.

You may also want to keep moss agate mala in a room used for eating, child’s playroom or your office room or workshop (any place where you work on your new project).




Ocean jasper may be green, brown, cream, white, red, yellow or even pink in background with variations of inclusions. It is a stone of calmness and peace. It draws its power from the element of water, and it renews one’s spiritual strength through slow but deep and steady waves of beneficial energy.

This stone helps to bring into balance one’s words and actions. It helps its wearer to remember that whatever we do, we will get the same in return.

Ocean jasper provides focus for grounding and centering in healing and meditation, helps to cultivate patience and cope with change and challenge. It stabilizes the aura, eliminates negative energy, helps to reduce stress and achieve tranquility. Ocean jasper is ideal for those dealing with anger and emotional blockages, and it helps to resolve those problems gradually and gently.

Ocean jasper is often called a “taking care of business stone” because it encourages accepting responsibility and focusing on details that need to be addressed. This stone helps to understand other people, their emotional and mental needs.

By wearing ocean jasper or chanting on ocean jasper mala one may discover long-hidden unresolved emotional issues that need to be healed. It encourages being honest and accepting responsibility, and it inspires patience, self-love, empathy, and also gives one more optimistic attitude towards the future.

All jaspers can be used for balancing the base chakra and cleansing its energy. Ocean jasper, however, is also associated with the heart chakra, especially if it has inclusions of green. It protects from unhealthy controlling tendencies in the relationship, as well as from being controlled. It prevents its wearer from developing inappropriately strong emotional response to the everyday external factors and challenges.

Physically, ocean jasper is believed to assist with restoration of tissue and internal organs. It helps to balance lymph system and stabilize absorption of vitamins and minerals, especially in balancing sodium and iodine levels. It also soothes digestive system, calms nausea and vomiting, and strengthens the stomach. Take ocean jasper with you to the sea cruise if you are sensitive to sea-sickness. Ocean jasper mala also may be a great help for pregnant women suffering extensive nausea and morning sickness.

Brown ocean jasper promotes security and stability, and white and cream one protects cleanliness and purity. Overall, ocean jasper provides calmness, acceptance, assists in relaxation, responsibility, and teaches wise use of power and will. It also helps one to have a happier life by intentionally projecting good into the reality around.




Peridot is one of the few gemstones (along with diamond) that occur in only one color. It has olive-yellow-green hue. The intensity of green may vary, however, depending on the level of iron in the crystal structure. This stone is considered to be very special among gemologists as it is not formed in the Earth’s crust but in the upper mantle, and brought up to the surface by forces of earthquakes and volcanoes. NASA also found peridot in comet dust. The ancients also believed that this stone was ejected to Earth by sun explosions. There was no doubt for them that peridot carries an extraordinary healing powers.

Being charged with the healing purifying energy of the sun, peridot purifies aura, protects from negative emotions and obsessions. It promotes responsibility and forgiveness, reestablishes a sense of self-worth.

Peridot attracts love, wealth, health and happiness. It evokes positive helpful response from normally unhelpful people and increases profit in trades. It keeps away envious people and those who gossip behind your back. It helps to overcome unnecessary, destructive feeling of guilt and self-blame.

Peridot may be used to activate both heart and solar plexus chakras. It helps to avoid inappropriate emotional responses to everyday challenges and improve relationship with people around.

On physical level, peridot is known to aid with immune and digestive problems, deal with fears and stress. It was also used by the ancients to lessen pain during the labor and assist in opening birth canal.

Peridot is a steady stone that connects one to the universal energies and help to understand one’s spiritual destiny and karmic debt. It helps to overcome regrets and find one’s spiritual path.

Peridot assists in meditation by giving you feeling of peace and well-being. It promotes understanding of one’s place in the universe and teaches to appreciate one’s uniqueness and purpose in this world.




Rhodonite is a rose-pink stone with black veins or patches. It is related to the heart chakra, and it is a stone of purpose, altruism, cooperation, generosity, love and unity. It empowers its wearer to reach his/her full potential and protects from self-destructive tendencies. Rhodonite is an emotional healer, helpful during stressful times and panic. Because of its calming emotional effect, it is often called a “first aid stone”. It helps to deal with anxiety and challenging situations. Rhodonite’s aura protects from envy and jealousy, and helps to avoid arguments by promoting love and peace.

Wear, carry or place rhodonite mala at home or in the office to balance emotions. It helps to control one’s temper, calms, relaxes, and protects from blaming others when we really need to look inside our own selves. It heals mental and emotional scars of violence, misunderstanding, aggression, obsessions, unhappy love.

Rhodonite mala may be especially helpful during or after periods of grief, loss, illness, intense unhappiness, financial disappointment, betrayal, abandonment, etc. It is a good present for a trouble teenager or those dealing with arguments over shared assets, such as an inheritance, or those going through a divorce. Rhodonite mala makes a great talisman for service and military personnel, peacekeepers, aid workers and those living close to the war zones.

Healing properties of rhodonite assist in the healing of speech and hearing. This stone makes its wearer more sensitive to sounds and music, so it’s a great amulet for a musician. It also may assist in learning languages more easily. Rhodonite was also used by the ancients to strengthen the muscles and heart, and stimulate circulation. It is believed to protect from kidney and liver damage. Rhodonite contains manganese so it is considered to be a great stone for healing injuries, cuts, wounds, and soothing insects bites and stings. It may help to reduce scar tissue and aids skin conditions due to allergies. It is also believed to aid in treatments for auto-immune diseases and soothing inflammation of the joints and arthritis.

Rhodonite helps one to overcome emotional trauma and disturbance and move forward with healthy self-esteem and confidence. It helps to recognize one’s inner potential and help one own self and others. It inspires to integrate spirituality into one’s everyday life, eliminates confusion and doubt, and promotes compassion, forgiveness and love.




Snowflake obsidian is a volcanic mineral, black with white patches that remind snowflake pattern. It is a stone of purity with calming and soothing properties that brings balance to body, mind and spirit. Obsidian promotes inner centering and helps to keep focused in difficult and chaotic situation. This stone helps to recognize “wrong” ways and harmful decisions, and “let go” negative emotions and old karmic ties. It also aids surrender in meditation and helps to overcome loneliness and isolation.

Healing properties of snowflake obsidian are associated with skeletal and vascular systems as it helps to strengthen bones and aids in disorders of the veins. It also treats joints pain (arthritis) and is said to support smooth skin.

Obsidian is often used to release energy blockage and is a great cleanser of negative energies. It helps to remove negative emotions such as greed, anger, jealousy. It is very grounding, protective and balancing stone.





Tiger’s eye stone is gold-brown glassy jasper, one of the most ancient talismans that symbolizes inner vision, prophecy, power of prediction and fearlessness. No wonder that Egyptian priests used tiger eye stone to make eyes in their deity statues. This stone represents divine vision, grants good fortune and prosperity, and helps to spot and eliminate various threats.

Tiger’s eye stone increases one’s intuition and helps to make the right choices. It clarifies one’s mind to set the right priorities, assists in good intension and with good judgment, and also helps to find the most useful application for one’s talents.

As tiger’s eye attracts prosperity and good fortune, it is a great stone to wear for those managing one’s own business or going through major changes in one’s career. It is a great support stones for those getting ready for exams, public performances and important meetings. Tiger eye helps to predict challenges and avoid bad decisions. It is a great aid in resolving financial crisis.

This stone gives emotional stability and helps to improve one’s lifestyle and daily routine. For instance, it may aid to fight bad habits, unhealthy food cravings, addictions.

Tiger eye symbolizes practicality and balance. It soothes tensions in relationship (love, family or business) where difference of opinions causes conflicts or discomfort. It promotes harmony between people of different viewpoints, cultural backgrounds and religious beliefs, and helps to find the common grounds. Tiger eye mala is a great talisman for professional mediators and those leading difficult political or business negotiations.

Tiger eye encourages hope and confidence in the better future. It helps to realize one’s own powers and overcome confusions. It nourishes its wearer with the energy of sun and can be used to balance root, sacral and solar plexus chakras.

On physical level tiger eye may help to lower blood pressure, aids in headaches, boosts endocrine system and regulates hormones. It is known to heal disorders of eyes and throats and may even improve night vision. It may also stimulate faster repair of broken bones.

Cat’s eye quartz, hawk’s eye and ox eye are also varieties of the tiger’s eye stone. Cat’s eye fibers are straighter and look like the narrow iris of cat eye. This stone, however, has very similar properties with the tiger eye. It is especially beneficial for children who are bulled, teenagers with low self-esteem and those who can’t focus on life priorities or concentrate on education.

Hawk’s eye is a blue-gray or blue-green variety of tiger’s eye. This powerful stone especially known for protecting from jealousy and provides help for better self-understanding. It helps one to find much needed solution in unclear situations and promotes awareness.

Ox eye is a tiger’s eye of red hue. It is a stone of defense, confidence, strength and self-control. It gives one enthusiasm and motivation at the moments of procrastination and helps to implement one’s ideas into actions.




Unakite is a beautiful type of japser that brings together nurturing energy of green and caring energy of pink. It’s a very important healing stone that helps to balance one’s heart and mind, purify one’s emotional body. This stone promotes enthusiasm and lifts one’s spirit in moments of difficulty and distress. It supports those who are too sensitive, who feel lost or overwhelmed.

Unakite promotes healthy relationship though balancing the emotions. It gives its wearer harmony in love, friendship and business. It gives strength to those exhausted by long-term hospitalization or any kind of difficulties. It aids in achieving calmness and peace at the moments of frustration and paint.

Unakite will make a great talisman for those working in areas of beauty, relaxation, therapy, fashion design, as well as for marriage counselors and divorce attorneys. It also protects those working with computers and all kind of technological devices.

On physical level unakite supports heart, lungs, balances body fluids, protects reproductive system, promotes healthy pregnancy, helps to ease the transition in labor.

Unakite mala is a steady source of energy for healing and renewal, mostly through achieving the inner balance. The most important feature of unakite is calmness and balance through gentle regulation of energy flows. This stone is also associated with sensuality, love and care and helps one to keep one’s life on track despite on external and inner disturbances.




While agate in general is associated with root chakra, white agate is attuned to the crown chakra. This makes white agate a very special stone that allows spiritual experiences into everyday life through clarity, stability of mind, and balance of energy flows from the base chakra up to the highest one. It may be very useful for those who are new to meditation as it gently balances energy centers. It’s highly protective stone that prevents stressful reactions and energy drains. As all other types of agates, it works gently and slowly but with a wonderful lasting impact. White agate has strong purification properties and helps to clear blocks from one’s path, achieve calmness and stability. It helps to deal with negative emotions and avoid overreacting and useless worries.

White agate is a great protective talisman for pregnant women, for mothers and babies, it soothes labor pain, ensures a healthy milk flow. In general, white agate helps to recognize importance of other living beings and establish love and respect. Therefore, it helps to establish bondage between the mother and the child.

White agate gives inner stability, dissolves internal tensions, helps to build self-confidence, recognize the truth, and achieve peace of mind. It is grounding, balancing, soothing, calming, harmonizing stone that brings stability, strength and peacefulness, and purifies all areas of life.

This stone can help to settle anxiety, panic attacks, tension and stress. Emotionally, it helps to avoid overreactions, and on physical level it regulates over-active areas.

White agate gives enthusiasm and hope for better future, and teaches to be grateful.


Disclaimer: Please consult with crystal healing specialist before using your mala for healing sessions. Also it should be understood, that description of the healing properties of the stones used in our malas, as well as information relating to mentioned medical and health conditions is given for informational purposes only. It is no substitute for consulting a health care professional. Please see your health care professional before starting any alternative treatments.

FDA disclaimer: Above mentioned statements and products have not been evaluated by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA). According to FDA, they are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition. If you have a health concern or condition, consult a physician. Always consult a medical doctor before modifying your diet, using any new product, drug, supplement, or doing any new exercises.


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