Simplicity in its profound meaningfulness: here is the calmness, harmony and peacefulness of a Zen garden.

Lotus Dew mala bracelet from our Zen Garden collection. Use it for mantra meditation, chanting, prayer, chakra balancing and crystal healing sessions, color therapy, or wear it as stylish and meaningful protective talismans.

Gemstone: choose from green spot jasper, blue spot jasper or lapis lazuli (natural, un-dyed, genuine gemstones)

Size: measure your wrist and choose from size small (6-6.5″ wrist), medium (6.5-7.5″ wrist) or large (7.5-8.5″ wrist). Notice please that those are wrist measures and NOT the bracelet size. Knowing your wrist measure, we will adjust your bracelet accordingly. We use premium stretchy cord for perfect, comfortable fit

Beads diameter: 8 mm

Meditation markers: 2 alloy markers (nickel-free, lead-free, cadmium free) and sterling silver guru bead

Guru bead: lotus sterling silver charm, approximately 5/8 in (16 mm) in diameter

Key words (blue spot stone): calm mind, peace, tranquility, calm atmosphere, nobility, truthfulness, courage, hope, anti-stress.

Key words (lapis lazuli): creativity, intellect, wisdom, dignity, motivation, harmony, compassion, awareness, spiritual growth, universal truth, honesty, right decisions, communication, education, self-expression, inspiration.

Key words (green spot stone): prosperity, love, spiritual wisdom, harmony, beauty, healthy relationship, self-control, self-confidence, stress-relief, appropriate response to everyday external factors.

Properties of blue spot jasper, green spot jasper and lapis lazuli are also described below.

Handmade in Detroit, USA. Limited edition. Once edition is sold out, this design won’t be replicated again. Comes with certificate of authenticity in our signature red box with Rajni Jewels logo. Red velveteen pouch and mantra meditation card are included.

Please note that sizes, shapes and colors of natural materials, as well as handcrafted or hand-painted elements, may vary slightly from those pictured in the photos.


Product Description


Zen Garden collection is inspired by minimalistic aesthetic and profound philosophy of a Zen garden. We put the main emphasis on the simple meditative beauty of the gemstones themselves: white howlite, snowflake obsidian, ocean jasper, grey and milky-white agates, lapis lazuli… Buddha statues, balancing rocks, swirl-like infinity circles, koi fish ponds and lotus flowers – all those beautiful Zen garden sights of meditation are reflected in this collection. We used hand-painted ceramic focal and hand-carved gemstone pendants to make every piece look artistic and unique. The collection features long mala necklaces, bracelets, stack bracelet sets, and short necklace malas that can be also worn as wrap bracelets.


Key words: creativity, intellect, wisdom, dignity, motivation, harmony, compassion, awareness, spiritual growth, universal truth, honesty, right decisions, communication, education, self-expression, inspiration.

Lapiz lazuli is a deep-blue semi-precious stone praised since antiquity for its intense color. It activates creativity and intellectual ability, enhances memory, desire for truth, wisdom, and knowledge. It brings honesty, understanding, harmony and fidelity in relationship, appreciation, recognition and success at work. It encourages self-expression, dignity, motivation, spiritual growth. It represents the universal truth, allows peace, serenity, compassion, and expands awareness.

This stone activates brow and throat chakras. It gives clearness of mind, helps to understand complicated situations in order to find the right solution, and opens opportunities for new ideas and projects. Lapis lazuli assists with communication, education, expression of our thoughts and emotions. It helps to block physical problems that arise from external negative energy by sending the negative flows back to their source. It is also a perfect filter to protect from harmful electromagnetic radiation.

Healing properties of lapis lazuli are truly amazing. This stone is beneficial for the throat, endocrine system, thyroid glands, vision. It enhances blood circulation and improves cardiac rhythm, and lowers blood pressure. It also relieves general pain and inflammation, headache, depression, and aids with nervous system and insomnia. Lapis is also beneficial for women suffering from menstrual irregularities, cramps and stiffness.

This stone helps to focus on charity, selflessness, and service to others. During meditation on lapis lazuli mala one can also recover memories of past lives and relief causeless anxiety.

Lapis lazuli mala will make a perfect talisman for lawyers, journalists, psychologists, executives, inventors, scientists, and writers as it improves communication skills, helps to distinguish truth from lie, enhances ability for education, memorization, writing and investigation.

Traditionally, it is a stone of royalty, intellectual elite, and priests.


Key words: calm mind, peace, tranquility, calm atmosphere, nobility, truthfulness, courage, hope, anti-stress.

Blue spot stone is blue jasper with dark and white patches of veining. This stone is known to calm the mind, bring peace and tranquility through helping one to understand one’s spiritual nature. It creates calm atmosphere around its wearer, helps to avoid conflicts and aggressive responses in provocative situations. This gemstone is linked to nobility of spirit as it encourages truthfulness, courage to speak against injustice in order to protect vulnerable. For this reason blue spot stone is often called a ‘stone of hope’. It’s a perfect anti-stress stone for those in charge of others’ well-being. It protects from risk to be involved in unwise behavior and dangerous situations. Blue spot stone mala is a great gift for teenagers and those you want to protect from getting in trouble. It makes perfect talisman for lawyers, investigators, judges, police, firefighters, doctors, volunteers and everyone working for well-being of others.


Key words: prosperity, love, spiritual wisdom, harmony, beauty, healthy relationship, self-control, self-confidence, stress-relief, appropriate response to everyday external factors.

Green jasper with white patches, also known as green spot stone is a powerful gemstone that has been praised since ancient times for its amazing properties. It’s mentioned in ancient legends as a ‘rain-bringer’ as it is associated with nourishment, fertility, good health and prosperity.  This stone is particularly attuned to Anahata, the heart chakra, and helps to regulate our relationship with loved ones, with people in general, with the world, and distinguish what to embrace and what to resist. It helps to recognize spiritual wisdom and sacredness of life, see beauty in small everyday wonders, connect to the planet and achieve harmony with the world. It protects from negative thoughts, evil eye and ghosts.

Green jasper is especially famous for helping one to deal with obsessive tendencies and fears, helps to get rid of ill attachment, abusive relationship, obsessions, addictions, etc. It gives emotional strength to overcome delusion, restores inner calm, supports self-control and self-confidence, and due to its steady vibration helps to avoid extremes. It’s a ‘healthy relationship’ stone. Green jasper mala is a great talisman for those who try to quit smoking, drinking, or make effort to diet and keep certain healthy or spiritual routine. It helps to recognize wrong behavior, irrational decisions and patterns, let go, start over, and move forward.

Healing properties of green spot stone are highly useful for treating disorders of digestive system, chest, lungs, kidneys, spleen, bladder, and liver. It helps to reduce inflammation and toxicity and prevent colds, bronchitis, coughs, and flu. It is also beneficial for proper blood flow. There is a record showing that green jasper was used by the ancient civilizations to return one a sense of smell.

As green jasper is also considered to be a stone of fertility, it’s worn by pregnant women and those trying to conceive, it assists in healthy pregnancy and childbirth.

Another famous property of green jasper is its ability to regulate sleep. Green spot stone mala is a perfect gift for those suffering sleep disorders, insomnia, nightmares. For this reason it’s also often referred to as a ‘sleep stone’. It restores harmony of mind and emotions.

Green jasper helps to avoid inappropriate response to everyday external factors, to understand one’s own needs and emotions clearly. It makes a great talisman for those getting engaged, married, beginning a new relationship, or trying to improve the existing one.


DISCLAIMER: Please consult with crystal healing specialist before using your mala for healing sessions. Also it should be understood, that description of the healing properties of the stones used in our malas, as well as information relating to mentioned medical and health conditions is given for informational purposes only. It is no substitute for consulting a health care professional. Please see your health care professional before starting any alternative treatments. Above mentioned statements and products have not been evaluated by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA). According to FDA, they are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition. If you have a health concern or condition, consult a physician. Always consult a medical doctor before modifying your diet, using any new product, drug, supplement, or doing any new exercises.

Additional Information


green spot jasper, blue spot jasper, lapis lazuli


S (6-6.5 inches wrist), M (6.5-7.5 inches wrist), L (7.5-8.5 inches wrist)


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