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Yoga jewelry and mala beads are more than just stylish accessories. They are deeply symbolic talismans that protect, heel, inspire and connect you to the Divine. No wonder that the very word ‘mala’ can be translated from Sanskrit language as a ‘divine garland’. At Rajni Jewels we embrace the ancient secrets and rules of mala making and create our jewelry with love and knowledge to inspire your meditation and search for peace, harmony and the highest truth.


Rajni Jewels designer Ananda Rupa Devi has been practicing yoga and mantra meditation for over a decade. Having artistic background and “simple living, high thinking” lifestyle, she creates meaningful jewelry to support one on his/her spiritual path. Her small team of creative and talented assistants helps her to run Rajni Jewels workshop.


At Rajni Jewels we never compromise on the following principles:

  • We use only natural, un-dyed, unheated gemstones to create our malas.
  • We follow strict ancient rules of mala-making to ensure your mala is energetically pure and properly activated.
  • We design our malas with careful consideration of the natural properties of each gemstone.
  • We choose simple and meaningful designs that assist your meditation, don’t disturb it.
  • We create handmade jewelry with unique artistic details in a very limited edition, and we provide certificate of authenticity with each piece.
  • We make sure that all materials we use are vegetarian-friendly, allergenic-free and of the highest quality.
  • We do care about Mother Earth – all our packaging is made of 100% recycled materials and can be recycled.


All Rajni Jewels malas are proudly handmade in Detroit. We are honored to be part of the creative community that revives one of the most important cities in the American history, once decayed and almost abandoned, but now coming back to its glory through endeavors of young entrepreneurs who cherish handmade and locally produced, support urban farming and small family businesses, and provide new opportunities to their neighborhoods. When you buy Rajni Jewels, you also contribute into that great cause!


At Rajni Jewels we support wholesome motherhood and happy childhood. When a new mom has to leave her crying baby at the day-care in order to go and make her living, it is truly heartbreaking. We provide opportunities to those mothers who want to stay with their children but are in need of extra money. We offer them part-time job with flexible schedule and work-from-home options. We are happy to work together in our small Rajni Jewels workshop which is home-like and family-friendly. When you buy Rajni Jewels, you empower women and support families. Thank you so much.

Thank you for choosing Rajni Jewels to be your very special, life-long talisman!